Hi, I'm Shaira.  Thank you for being here and your intention of wanting to lead a healthier life.

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach who is passionate to help you reach your health goals through proper nutrition, effective lifestyle strategy and helping you learn to listen to your body.


I chose to study Holistic Nutrition because it really resonated with me.  We learnt to see the body as whole.  I believe that all systems are connected and they influence one another which inturn govern our behaviour and eating habits.

I am here to help you take the confusion out of the latest fad of the weight loss industry and leave you feeling amazing in your own skin. I feel truly satisfied when a client  has lost weight and learned to manage their cravings through our sessions.

Things you may not know about me....

  • Lived in South America, Chile for 7 years.  I had both my lovely children there.

  • Binged on chips throughout my adolescence all the way till I learned about holistic nutrition and used the principles to stop my cravings.

  • Speak several languages: English, Cantonese, Spanish, 2 Indian Dialects

  • Grew up with Ayurvedic principles but did not know until I studied different dietary theories.

  • I love dancing.  As growing up, I have always performed on stage.  Dancing enlivens me.

  • Taught education in human values to children for over 10 years.

  • I love babies.  I do silly things when I am around them.

My Story


It was my daughter's 13th birthday party.  We had organised a 'photo-shoot' birthday with all her friends dressing up and taking photo shoots with a professional photographer.  When the photos came back, I was shocked to see how chubby I was!!!  I know, I know... you always look a bit bigger in certain angles or pictures but clearly I had bigger cheeks in several of the prints.  Honestly I was shocked! I decided at that point I wanted to loose weight as I was also nearing 40 and didn't want to go downhill from there because I had heard that your metabolism slows down and it is harder to loose weight as you hit the 40's.  On the other hand I am very poor at dieting.  Everytime you mention the word "DIET", I would easily break it and resume to my normal eating.  To me DIET meant 'Depravation'. I had to find a way of eating AND losing weight so I came across the term "Clean Eating"- which fit the bill.  

I started by removing most processed food, became aware of the timings I was eating and simply being mindful of how my body was feeling at every meal. Slowly but surely I started shedding the weight off naturally.  It took around 2 months to see the changes and the inches melting away.  I thought why dint I do this before, it was rather easy!!  I then realised I was not taking panadols as often (I used to have headaches frequently before and those also diminished as I was eating well.)  I got very intrigued by all the changes that were happening for the better and wanted to learn more about health and nutrition and its effect.

During my research I came across and enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and have become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach. Initially, I was only interested to learn about nutrition for my family but as we practiced the principles together, we started to feel and look really good, the weight was naturally shedding, and we became conscious of food and its effect on health.  I wanted to then help others do the same and hence that put me to where I am today.

I am committed to help and support others to take their health in their own hands through an integrative approach to wellness focusing on nutrition, emotional balance and stress management to achieve an optimal state of well-being.

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