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4 Smart Summer Strategies To Keep You In Shape This Summer

Summer is around the corner and we are thinking of fun, relaxed days. However, along with it we become lazy and end up chilling all day mindlessly, which is all good, until we realise that we have put on a couple of pounds once Summer is over. Lets get smarter this Summer by consciously keeping those pounds away by having a STRATEGY!

4 Smart Summer Strategies to keep you in shape

Smart Summer Strategy

1. Visualise Yourself Successful

Weight loss or maintaining your weight is more of a mind game. This strategy that I am going to share with you is the number ONE, most important one (see the pun in it). Take some time to reflect and visualise how you want to look & feel this Summer. Think of dressing in fun Summer wear: tanks; shorts; swim wear, how you want to feel in it-light, agile, energetic. Let that visualization carry you through the whole Summer, make a firm RESOLUTE to be on track.

If you can think it, you can do it. Thinking of the positive outcome sets you up for success.

Now write this down somewhere that "I AM on track this Summer. I am beautiful & committed." And remind yourself every single morning & night before going to bed. It will help to rewire your brain neurologically and guide your behaviour towards that thought.

2. Hydrate Hydate Hydrate!!

We know that we should all drink more water, yet we don't put that much importance to it. It is common knowledge that we are made of 70% water. EVERY system - cells, organs and even tissues in our body requires water to function properly. We need fluids to carry nutrients to our cells, flush bacteria from our bladder and prevent constipation-- think slimmer tummy and better skin. Yes lets get down to it. So how much water are we talking about? 1.5-2L and if you perspire more or are super active, you need more water. It is best not to drink a lot of water at one go. The idea is to drink water throughout the day.

When you feel like eating or think you are hungry, a lot of the times, you are actually thirsty. "Drinking enough water will result in eating less, having better skin & a slimmer waist."

(Caution: Some people may need less water if you have a health condition or are taking medication that retains water. Please consult a physician.)

3. Eat Exotic Fruit.

Summer is the best time to eat lots of exotic fruit like mangoes, mangosteens, lychees, longans, custard apples. They are full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre. Fill yourself up with nature's treats and you will want to eat less junk food due to the fibre content in it. Vitamin C and antioxidants help to fight those fine lines and renew cells, making your skin fresh and looking young. Exotic fruits are perfect as a snack & help to hydrate your body as well.

4. Enjoy The Sunshine Energy

We naturally feel more energetic when the days are sunny. So make the most of it by being outdoors more to enjoy swimming, biking or walking-especially after meals. Do activities with your children- running, play catch, etc. You could also engage in an activity with your friend instead of a meal such as yoga, tennis or simply a nice stroll outdoors. If you are travelling, there is always a gym in a hotel, even 20 minutes of a workout will make a difference. If there is no gym, do exercises in your room using your own body as resistance (if you are not familiar with it, you can always download an app to follow). Our bodies are made to move and it is so easy to move more in the Summer. You are literally bursting with energy!

The above strategies are simple and doable. Commit to them and you will be successful in looking as fab as you did at the start of Summer.


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