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Getting Down to the Root Cause

“CRAVINGS” the sheer mention of the word, connotates weaknesses. It seems to be a struggle of will power and a feeling of inadequacy. How is it that the body has such strong instincts that can determine our food choices? What motivates these choices? Clearly it is not an intellectual process. What is it?

In reality, cravings are important messages of the body communicating to us that there is something out of balance. This imbalance can be corrected by food choices which act as medicine to the inner state of the body. For instance, after a stressful day, we look for something sweet or an alcoholic beverage to release that tension. If we haven’t slept enough the night before we reach out to coffee to boost our energy and minds.

We use food to compensate for the lack of within.

Whenever your body is craving something, pause and consider what is it really asking for. Trust your inner voice.

To begin, we can break it down by the different flavors to understand what is going on and there are some suggestions on how to reduce them in a healthier way.

If you are craving something Sweet…

Most likely you are lacking an emotional need, energy or have a sugar imbalance. Instead of reaching out for sugary treats all the time, you can add sweet vegetables to your diet such as corn, carrots, beets, butternut squash, sweet potatoes.

If you are craving something Salty..

It indicates a mineral deficiency.

Our diets nowadays lack adequate minerals as they are highly processed. You can improve salty cravings by eating a variety of green leafy vegetables as they are high in minerals, incorporate high quality sea salt and sea vegetables.

Another way to deal with cravings is resetting our eating habits through a cleanse and detox. Have you noticed how after say, new years holiday, you crave to eat junk food. You have been indulging throughout the holidays and find it difficult to bring yourself back on track. Sometimes, it takes all your might to bring you back into a routine. However, it is much easier to bring about that change through a simple detox. Should you be interested there is a 5 day whole foods cleanse that I am hosting. It is only for 5 days but it really effective in cleaning out the system, cravings and bring you back on the wellness route. For details click here.

By allowing your palate to reset itself and giving the body healthier versions (of the food you are craving) to correct the imbalance, it begins to heal slowly and may unravel deeper physical or emotional issues. As the suggestions above are effortless, they are truly worth a try. However, sometimes we may need a health professional if we suspect nutrient deficiencies or inflammation in the body. Good health is the foundation of our lives. We want to feel good in our body and mind. Let’s learn to understand the underlying messages of cravings with a positive note and start the healing journey today.

Disclaimer:The above information is meant to spark inspiration & change to lead a healthier life and does not imply or replace medical advice.  

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