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Get Comfortable with UNcomfortable

Preparing for the weight loss journey

Many a times we embark on a weight loss program whilst not being fully prepared mentally and sometimes physically as well. We think we can cope with what is to come but truly we have not fully delved into the matter head first.

"Preparation is Key"

We have all heard that. So let us prepare by equipping ourselves with the 4 tips below to get comfortable with the Uncomfortable as we embark on a weight loss program.

1. Breakdown Your "Why"

Why do you really want to lose weight? Is it for your wedding day, health reasons, fit into a particular size? Whatever it is, think about. Is this thought keeping you up at night? Is it bothering you as you dress for work everyday or go to a party? The reasons will be meaningful to you and fire you up when the going gets tough. Start with a sense of curiosity, excitement and confidence to be ready to overcome your challenges.

2. Have A Specific Plan

Know how are going to lose this weight; is it with nutrition, exercise or both. Do you have sufficient know/how, otherwise seek for help to make your goal a reality and success. When you have a detailed plan; time, days, duration, etc. Your program is set to autopilot and helps to guard against momentary lapses in commitment.

3. Hunger Is NOT An Emergency

When you feel hungry, instead of reaching out to food, mentally acknowledge that, in fact weight loss is happening- your body is using up stores from its reserves to help you generate energy for the day. Also learn to understand that we are not in need of food biologically often- sometimes it is just a craving or something emotional driving it. Learn to sit with this uncomfortable feeling by drinking some water, witnessing that you are feeling a little hungry and the wave that started all this anxiety will pass. If it is emotionally driven, call up a friend or go for a walk. If you eat something now, it is only going to delay in dealing with the true emotion. It won't solve your original, underlying issue.

4. Forsee Your Weakness

Consider scenarios in advance that challenge your resolve and set your intentions with If, Then statements, For example, if someone offers me another drink at a party, then I will say, "Thank you so much but I have had enough to drink" or say "I have set my limit to 2 drinks and I have had them already." Or if I am feeling unmotivated to work out, then I will go the the gym and get started anyway.

These foresights help you plan ahead and prepare you from a place of acceptance. This sense of acceptance has internalised the discomfort and made it comfortable now as you know what is coming and is the driving force to overcome days when you don't feel motivated or are ready to give up. Work on yourself to be truly ready and success is at your doorstep with your renewed body, mind, spirit and energy.

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