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How To Fight Colds & Flus Naturally

When the seasons change and/or our defence system is down for whatever reasons; working late, sleeping less or just too much stress wears down our immune system. We tend to catch something very easily which can grow into a full fledged cold/flu. Sometimes it could take days to recover from it UNLESS we fight it at the very first sign. Nip it in its bud.

Prevention is better than cure.

During these times, you can use any of the precautionary measures below to equip your body to fight against an inflammation.

1. Wash your hands frequently.

2. Gargle with salt water if your throat feels scratchy.

3. I frequently make this to soothe my throat or chest if I feel I am coming down with something. Using basic anti-inflammatory ingredients from home; honey, lemon, ginger, salt, pepper & turmeric.



Take a tablespoonful of honey and mix a pinch of salt, pepper, turmeric powder, few drops of lemon & ginger juice (grate some and squeeze).  Then I place the spoon over the flame to warm (not heat) it up so that everything is dissolved well.  

Then I consume the mixture. (Caution: the spoon may still be hot)  You can have this several times a day. It always works.

4.  I like to use a natural antibiotic called oil of oregano capsules if I start feeling a sore throat in its early stages.  I will have

2 capsules 3 times a day; morning, afternoon and night. 

5. Steep 4 bags of Pau'darco tea in a pot to make a strong brew and have it 3 times a day.  It will help to build up your immunity.

(In North American herbal medicine, pau d'arco is considered to be analgesic, antioxidant, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and laxative, as well as to have anticancerous properties.)

6. Drink lots of liquids and stay hydrated.

7. Try to rest and sleep more.

These are some of the natural methods I use to help my body fight any pathogens. Hope it helps you too!

Disclaimer: Before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs, consult a physician for a thorough evaluation. The Wellness Lab ltd does not endorse any medications, vitamins or herbs. A qualified physician should make a decision based on each person's medical history and current prescriptions.

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