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"Health In Your Hands" offers 3 packages to help you achieve your health goals from digestion to weight loss I can help you get back on track.

 1 Month | 3 Months | 6 Months

Start your healthy journey now.


2 Months| 3 Sessions

  Improving & Tweaking healthy   Lifestyle


 Initial consultation : 1 Hr 15 mins 

 Follow up : 45 Minutes x 2

 Validation: 2 Months














 3 Months| 6 Sessions

  Weight Loss | Digestive Issues |

Increasing Energy 


 Initial consultation : 1 Hr 15 mins 

 Follow up : 45 Minutes x 5

 Validation: 4 Months



    Chakra Reading


 Healing with specific life-style strategies


  6 Months | 12 Sessions


  Weight Loss | Digestive Issues |

Increasing Energy 

 Initial consultation : 1 Hr 15 mins 

 Follow up : 45 Minutes x 11

 Validation: 7 Months



Chakra Reading


   Healing with specific life-style  strategies

Supermarket Tour 

Health Shop Tour 



We will use the 3S Method.

Set your Target.  

Start your Plan.

Sustain your Goal.


  Set the Target:

  We will discuss your health concerns, goals and challenges during a 60 minutes session     with reference to your completed health history form & 3 day food diary recall.

  Start the Plan:

  We start a plan with small changes suited to your needs & lifestyle. 

  Sustain the Goal:

  We maintain your goal by having tried and tested throughout our sessions. 


 *Every package comprises of unlimited email correspondence (48 hours window); continuous    motivational & emotional support, recommended-recipes, natural therapies & lifestyle  adjustments suited to individual needs for a sustained being of wellness.


I learnt a lot through the coaching program- nutrition, new health foods, my own habits.  We even did a health store tour that really expanded my knowledge of all the superfoods/ health foods that are in the market and Shaira navigated me to which ones would be most suited to me and my family.  Since on the program, I have lost weight and more significantly I have less bloating by changing my timings and cutting out foods that are acidic.  My clothes have started to fit me better and I have learnt to make smarter choices especially when eating out.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and our meet ups as Shaira was more like a friend- easy to talk to and gave me wonderul support. 
-KB, Hong Kong
I came to Shaira for some tips on lowering blood cholesterol & eating healthy.  I have received great support and learnt a lot during our sessions together.  She provides wonderful recipes for the new diet that she recommends & whole- heartedly follows up on emails giving all the tips that she mentioned during the meeting.  Besides getting all the tips & recipes on healthy food I even gained good knowledge on exercise.  Thank you so much dear Shaira for your love & support to help me kickstart a journey to healthy living.
-J. Samtani, Hong Kong
I embarked on this program because I wanted to take better care of myself by eating right, losing weight and having more energy.  Shaira was able to help me reach these goals by understanding my lifestyle & then suggesting changes in diet & exercise in a gradual manner.  Shaira was very understanding & eager to help me.  I was glad I was able to reach all 3 targets with ease.  Moreover, through this holistic approach I realised spiritualism plays a huge role in understanding my body & I am still digging deeper into it to know myself better.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life. 


-Sunny Dass, Hong Kong



Still not sure.  Give me a call to see if we are a good match. Let's chat for 20 mins via phone (60824424) or Skype.

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