to guard yourself and your family against disease by being conscious of what you are eating on a daily basis.


A short clip depicting how products & labels are misleading. They actually do not contain any blueberries as stated on the box.

Be a SMART Shopper.
Nowadays marketing companies claim that they are selling you a product as labelled but in actual fact, it is false. The product is sugar laden or made of chemically produced ingredients. You are not paying for what you are eating let alone the health detrimental effects that are accumulating slowly waiting to become a chronic disease in your body.  
Times have changed we want to be knowledgable and know exactly what is in a product.  We want to be informed individuals.  
Learning to "read labels" is a skill you can have for all your life and promotes healthier homes.  It really does matters what you put into your body everyday.   


  • To read labels

  • Discover uncommon ingredients with enormous health benefits

  • Take home a booklet with important information

  • Useful apps to give you information on the go

Cost : $350

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Group size: 4-8 people

      * Available for private groups (you can form your own group)

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